Thursday, April 21, 2011

Loving T.O. and His Show

Since I love the famous football player Terrell Owens, I love the T.O. Show on VH1. It was a really controversial time for him to do a reality tv show in my opinion, since at that point he had still not been picked up by any NFL teams. However Terrell has always enjoyed being in the spot light, and this was just another opportunity for him to do that. You get to see him do many different comical things throughout the show, and some of them involve him learning to be a father and also learning how to take care of a dog.

For anyone who really wants to see a different side to him then you would on the field or at a game, this is a really great way to do it. He talks about his relati! onship that he had with his father, how he wasn't always a star football player, and he also lets you into his personal life as well. There are many different things that go on for him throughout the duration of this show, including some conflict between his two different assistants. I always view this show on my satellite TV from and if I can't I record it.