Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Google has 40 percent share in US online ads

This is big. Google is really dominating online advertising.

Got this one from TechCrunch:
A quick calculation by (via HipMojo), based on the latest figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, shows that in the first half of 2007 Google commanded a 40 percent market share of all online advertising in the U.S. (Okay, I’m rounding up. It was really 39.8 percent). But that compares to a 34.6 percent share in the first half of 2006, based on IAB data for that period. Here’s the math:

$3.98 billion (Google’s U.S. revenues in the first half of 2007)/$9.99 billion (IAB’s estimate of total U.S. online ad revenue in 1H07) = 39.8 percent.

For the first half of 2006 the numbers are:

$2.732 billion (Google’s U.S. revenues in 1H06)/ $7.9 billion (IAB’s estimate of U.S. online ad revenues in 1H06) = 34.6 percent.
Cool! No wonder that people prefer Google Adsense than any other PPC programs. It is just the best option up there to earn money effectively.

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