Monday, March 05, 2007

Thinking of buying your own domain?

I was quite hesitant to buy my own domain before. But when I get to actually do it with Dahan-dahan Lang, I thought 'Wow this is cool.' Blogging using your own domain really has its own advantages especially in terms of having the freedom to choose your favorite blog themes and having total control over your content and other important stuff.

I encourage bloggers to invest in their own domain and hosting since most of the money-making programs for blogs require bloggers to have blogs that are not free-hosted. Those who are thinking of buying their own domain may as well check this site - Buy Domains.

Buy Domains allows you to choose the name of your domain through these domain search feature. Also, for those of you who are still clueless about doing business on the net and how important having a domain is to establish online presence, then you better check out their concise how-to page in order for you see the bigger picture about what the online world can offer.

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ric said...

I have thought of buying my own domain for web development learning. How much are you paying for your domain?