Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sony VAIO G1 – fairly satisfying

Sony’s little pal, VAIO G1 laptop, is impressive at a featherweight 2.1 pounds and has the familiar 12.1-inch display –-- something that most users find to be the best balance of size and portability. The drawback though is that it doesn’t get to have the XBRITE treatment, something that Sony is known for when it comes to its efficient laptops.

Most of the laptop’s specifications are found to deliver the goods. VAIO’s low-power Core Solo processor provides a reasonable trade-off between performance and battery life. Its 80GB hard drive offers adequate storage for regular end-users. The integrated DVD burner also makes a welcome appearance in this laptop’s petite feature.

VAIO G1’s 512MB internal memory might get frowns from demanding users though. Those who want to upgrade to Vista might also want to think twice since Vista requirements are kind of high. Moreover, the keyboard, which is about 90 percent smaller than the average laptop’s, also leaves more to be desired.

Finally, with all the hype given to portability nowadays, this baby comes at quite a premium. It’s in your own discretion if $2,600 is too much to ask for a laptop with fairly modest capabilities. Nevertheless, Sony VAIO delivers and that’s all that matters.


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penny said...

oh wow... that laptop was mad great! not to mention, expensive too. but i'll be owning that "baby", only in my dreams!! poor me, i do need a laptop badly! T_______T

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