Saturday, October 28, 2006

P903i: Super secure phone?

This is a great mobile phone for users who can't get to keep a mobile for a month without it being stolen. Forbes has this good news:
A new mobile phone in Japan takes security pretty seriously: It can recognize its owner, automatically locks when the person gets too far away from it and can be found via satellite navigation if it goes missing.

Amazing right? This is one interesting feature:
Then, if the facial-recognition feature is turned on, before accessing the handset a user has to take a picture of himself with the camera. The phone analyzes features such as distance between the eyes and unlocks if the image matches the stored data.

A separate function recognizes whether the eyes are blinking - in case someone tries to show the owner's photo to gain fraudulent entry. Not only that, a four-letter password can be added to this process, to guard against an identical twin getting unauthorized access.

Wow! If this doesn't make you drool, then there's something wrong with you.

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