Sunday, October 01, 2006

Microsoft to release ZUNE Player on November

Microsoft must have been really jealous of Apple's success on IPod. Thus, the software giant also wants to have a piece of that success by actually giving its rival a run for its money.

All Headline News reports that Microsoft will release its own version of IPod called Zune.
Unveiling its rival to the iPod, Microsoft's introduced its new Zune music player. While the device looks a lot like an iPod, acts a lot like an iPod and will cost about the same as an iPod but it has two features which Apple's iPod doesn't offer: a new subscription music service, and the ability to share music with other Zune users through a wireless connection.

The Zune player, which will cost around $245 and have 30 gigabytes of memory, enough to hold about 7,500 songs. It also will feature a 3-inch screen and a built-in FM transmitter (tuner), and will come loaded with about 25 songs and other content.

IPod dramatically raised the level of the ultimate music experience and Microsoft is there to steal the throne. Will Zune prove to be worthy challenger? We'll soon find out.

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