Sunday, July 16, 2006

Biometric USB Flash Drives

When I saw the movie entitled Minority Report, I was really amazed by the abundant usage of biometric systems and gadgets in John Anderton’s (Tom Cruise) futuristic world. Just imagine being able to stop crime before it even happens. Indeed, the Pre-Crime concept was a very nice creation that only Steven Spielberg could pull off.

There are a number of biometric gadgets out there, but this post is dedicated to those cute little things we call USB flashdrives. If you find that password-protection is already boring, and you have gone weary of changing your "14344" or "my-name-plus-birthdate" security keywords, then perhaps, this is exactly what you need.

A foretaste of what the Minority-Report world has to offer: Biometic USB Flashdrives.

Okay, so how does it actually work? Simple. The device needs a fingerprint in order to determine the authorized user. In the case of BioDisk, this is how fingerprints can be installed on the device.

By default the drive is locked and only the Run.exe file is shown when browsing the flash disk. Right clicking on the BioDisk Tray Icon lets me choose to unlock the Flash Drive. A dialog pops up and asks for the fingerprint. When recognizing the print all files show up in the file explorer dialog. Right clicking on the tray icon then lets me to choose lock the disk. All in all very easy to use.

Lexar and SanDisk also have their own versions of fingerprint access control for their respective USB memory sticks.

Don’t ask me if I have one, because I don’t have any. Only my 128MB CD-R King Thumbdrive, but of course this is not something worth bragging about. If you already have one, please don’t hesitate to tell your story and hopefully, I would be able to convince you to trade that one with mine, hoping that I could also pull off what Kyle MacDonald has managed to do: trading one red paper clip for a house!

Whew! Some peeps are so creative…and damn determined!

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