Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dell XPS Computers

Aside from being one of the major sponsors of the now $122M grosser X-Men The Last Stand, Dell has opened up another market for its high-quality computer products. Just recently, Dell launched its sleek XPS computers designed for those who want the best out of their music, video, and gaming experience.

Introducing, the XPS M2010 portable desktop with a unique design that allows users to fold the system and its 20-inch screen into a shape of a large briefcase. Talk about convenience and portability eh? Not only that, this PC is armed with not 4, not 5, but 8 powerful speakers plus a subwoofer. Whew! Aside from that, it also has a detachable, full-sized Bluetooth wireless keyboard and gyroscope-enabled remote, and a slot-load DVD drive, along with the high-caliber specs for the ultimate PC and Multimedia experience.

Dell is not contented with that though, because the XPS M1210 notebook is also up for grabs. This baby comes with a 12.1-inch screen and comes standard with a dual-core Intel processor, a huge 4GB of RAM, 120GB of HDD space, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 graphics, an ExpressCard slot, and an assortment of ports and wireless radios. Now, that's power! Ayt?

Just by looking at these thingies, I am certain that these gadgets are soon going to be pouring in a lot of bucks for Dell, and sure are going to get a lot of big smiles from the multimedia freaks who want power and portability in one small package.

Of course, these things come in a considerably high price tag. The XPS M2010's starting price is $3,500 while XPS M1210's is 1,300 bucks.

More Dell XPS Computer Pics here.


shane said...

how i wish i can get my hands on this baby..

denzity said...

Me too, me too. If only it isn't that expensive. [Whew]

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