Friday, June 02, 2006

AMD's Project 4x4

Advanced Micro Devices Inc., tagged as the number two chip maker [in the world?], just behind Intel by an inch or two I think, has made an announcement concerning its plans on creating a new PC enthusiast platform codenamed "4x4."

Project 4x4 would bring into existence a next-generation of microprocessor architecture, and this would be targeted to consumers who want high performing PCs for entertainment. It is designed for multi-tasking performance across gaming, digital video, processor-intensive and heavily-threaded applications.

The 4x4 platform features a four-core, multi-socket processor configuration. It will be designed to be upgraded to EIGHT! [wow] total processor cores when AMD launches quad-core processors in 2007.

This breakthrough architecture for servers, workstations and desktops is deemed to debut in mid-2007. A quad-core design for servers, workstations and high-end desktops, and a dual-core design intended for mainstream desktop markets will the soon-to-be highlights and these processors will be built using AMD's 65-nm silicon-on-insulator processes.

Looks like it's not only Dell who's making waves in their respective fields as of the moment. AMD, though considered slightly inferior compared to Intel, has already been creating a solid image in microprocessor technology, and this latest stint might scare the hell out of Intel. Well, that still remains to be seen though.

Well, on with the show, please. Keep those great innovations coming.


george w buddha said...

I've always really liked AMD products. I bet this new one is gonna be something else!

denzity said...

You bet. This one looks really good.

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