Sunday, May 21, 2006

Windows Vista might not come out after all

Many were disappointed when Microsoft announced that Windows Vista, its newest operating system that promises exciting and cool features, won't be released until 2007. I guess Microsoft is doing some final touches to the software in order to make it as bug-free as possible, and avoid the mistakes that it did with its previous operating systems. After those refinements and polishing, Vista will be released next year, with utmost performance and helpful tools that guarantee user satisfaction. That is, if Symantec would allow such thing happen.

Symantec has filed a suit against Microsoft over infringement on its patented technology in Windows Vista and Longhorn Server. This suit asks for damages, as well as an injunction that would stop the release of both operating systems.

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I have just mentioned in my blog entry the other day that Apple and Creative exchanged lawsuits just recently. Now it's another ballgame between two Billion-dollar companies, with Microsoft as the seemingly favorite entity on the receiving end of various lawsuits already.

Symantec is strong in its stand, and is quite confident on winning the case. If this happens, we might as well say goodbye to Windows Vista, and all its promises. Another huge disappointment, this would be.

Anyway, to add to the feeling of loss if that is ever realized, here's the list of nifty features that Vista promises to give to its end users.


Greg Ashbaugh said...

Vista is going to be awesome when it comes out. I don't mind the extra wait to iron out any bugs that exist. Vista will even make the Mac fans jealous.

denzity said...

Yeah, so let's just hope that Microsoft wins [grin].

Anonymous said...

Microsoft will always win no matter what.