Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TV and DVD Player

I have been thinking about buying a brand new 21-inch TV and a DVD player this month or next. The prob is, my budget is quite tight these days, and I still have to move to another spot [apartment?] as soon as the upcoming office transfer will be realized. Living alone supporting yourself is getting on my nerves, because it is just so exhausting to be always thinking about budget, budget, budget.

But since I am such a couch camote, I need to save up for a new television set and DVD player so that I would be able to spend Sundays at home and have some 'movies-galore!' sessions. My friend just told me he has 500 DVDs at home, and he is willing to let me borrow some. Nice [grinning at the thought].

My friend even gave me an advice about which DVD player to buy. He mentioned a brand name but I am not sure I remember it quite well. I think it's Minami? Not sure, but he told me that this player is not choosy as it plays 'all types' of DVDs available. You know what I mean about 'all types', don't you?

Anyways, goodluck to mahself as I squeeze my way out of this tight budget. Whew!


Alma Ritchel said...

Wow! 500 DVD's grabe ha..mura man pud ug si MAGS nga ang kuwarto murag video city.

-=kat=- said...

WOOOW! 500 dvd's! as in double-u-triple-o-double-u!!! i would looooove to have a collection as heeyoooge as that or even bigger. I'm actually starting to work on it now, as far as my very very tight budget as a student would allow.
hinay hinay lng.
anywayz..gudluck sa budgeting, sir

Anonymous said...

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