Thursday, May 11, 2006


Poseidon went into theaters yesterday, and I am coming inside one this afternoon to watch it. I have seen the trailer, and though I saw some scenes similar to Titanic's, I am excited about what Wolfgang Peterson has crafted for the viewers this time. Petersen's Troy is impressive, IMHO.

Anyway, a friend of mine has been whining about him not getting the job he wants despite his qualifications. He already sent his resume and all other documents for perusal, but it seems nothing is coming up. Finding the right job is especially hard these days, since just last March, thousands of graduates have joined in the quest for employment. Too many people, too little opportunities. But we are hoping that he will receive a call sometime this week.

Well, this is really it. Tough times, we are having. Good times, sooner we will have. Way to go, Master Yoda!

Till next time. Ciao.


_ice_ said...

hi dens... actually wala jus kaayo ko time mag tan aw movie dens oi, pero naa lng ko i recommend sa imo na movie "Sisterhood of traveling Pants" try mo hanapin and watch it gustong gusto ko yon denss... hehehe yon lng

mushy said...

cant wait to watch it

Dennis said...

Hey Wen, I wonder wonder what eats up much of your time? Watching a flick just takes two hours or so. You sure can find time for that. Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants is a kind of movie that I am not into. But I am sure it promotes something positive to the viewers.

dennis said...

Mushy, it's a must-see :-).