Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Playstation 3 and other stuff

Shiny and silky Playstation 3's to be released this November.

Cool, aren't they? I am drooling over this stuff because that's all I can do, drool. Where would I ever get 600$ dollars to buy one of these? I don't even possess a PS2 model, though I sure would love to play Tekken 5 with that. But since, these kind of stuff is beyond the reach of my pocket, drooling, which fortunately does not cost anything, is a highly-welcomed chore.

Good thing, I was able to breathe some fresh air, as I finished the stuff that I needed to finish today, without those annoying and highly cumbersome power interruptions coming in the scene.

Looks like my day isn't bad at all. I'm glad. And now, I'm out. Ciao.


Greed! said...

Ive read that the PS3 will have a blutooth controller. And contains a GDDR3 for its memory!

Denzity said...

simply amazing :-)

ric said...

I was thinking of saving up for this baby but my friend told me to consider buying an Xbox 360 instead since PS3 will be using the Blu ray discs and it may take some time before we can get some games that are cheap. You know, those pirated ones.

@greed!: Unfortunately, they will NOT include the vibra feature for the controllers because they said that it gave problems to the sensors.

dennis said...

got your point ric. those pirated ones are really life-savers huh :-)