Monday, May 29, 2006

Miscellany: Let's talk about mobile phones

I remembered years ago when I watched Swordfish, a movie starred by Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry -- stars of the $120M grosser (for its first week) X-Men:The Last Stand, that I was amazed to see Hugh Jackman's character using a Nokia 5110 --- a model considered to be inferior and not something to be proud of during that time --- thanks to the social status peeps have managed to associate to mobile phones. Anyway, there I was confused and at the same time amazed by the "practicality" of the Americans in their cell phone preference: choosing functionality and durability over appearance, and popularity. That was what I thought, until I read about this article: The Euro-Asian Cell Phone Conspiracy.

Now that's something.

Speaking of phones, though it hasn't been fully utilized by the thick portion of cellphone users, the advent of 3G mobile phones has already created another source of social dilemma, which might hinder their mainstream distribution. According to Guardian Unlimited, Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen has just banned the use of 3G mobile phones due to the fact that they can be used to promote pornography and would lead to the exploitation of women and children. This is where the high-quality video display presents a disadvantage.

That is quite saddening. But I guess I can't blame him for doing so. He must have had a very good reason behind such act.

Meanwhile, a new mobile phone is about to come out next week in the US. Motorola's Moto Q is something a hardcore mobile phone enthusiast would certainly want to have. With its QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile 5.0, thumbwheel, d-pad, 1.3 megapixel camera, MiniSD, Bluetooth and other exciting features, who wouldn't want to drool over this kind of stuff.

Oops. Be right back. Got to get a hanky or a tissue to wipe this thing off. [Grin]

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