Saturday, May 06, 2006

Me: Fully Loaded

I arrived at the office without the slightest idea that I would be dealing with a 'monstrous' (that's how I described it to a friend of mine) task in line with my writing job. So, there I was; a lil bit shocked about the whole thing, but as soon as I came back to my senses, I realized that I need to focus on how to create a plan of attack (the same thing I said to my boss in an email). It seems I'm in a middle of war or something.

Anyway, another writer is coming in next week, so I guess we have enough manpower to carry out the job. So as I was doing my task, I also couldn't help but peek through a lot of things on the net to get to know about what's up with the world I'm livin' in. There, I managed to write a short reaction to an article I read somewhere in Inquirer. I hate politics, but since I can't do anything about it so I somehow just need to be informed as well.

Mission Impossible III is now showing but I will take care of that tomorrow. I have to deal with the Man of Steel first and good thing, Superman Returns full trailer is now available. You can access that right here. My good friend Couch Camote is also glad that Superman is back in action.

Hmmm, I also listed some job openings in a call center nearby and thought it might help my batchmates and other IT graduates out there who are looking for a job.

Man, it's like I have done so much today, haven't I? That feels good. At least, I wouldn't be much of a sluggard as I used to be most of the time. It's a great feeling to be of use to the world, for a change.

Now, hey got to go back to work. Till next time.


kathy said...

ei, sir! got myself another blog. lol...(as expected) still workin on my wordpress, though...
thnx for those info. im really intent on workin on!

Denzity said...

hey kat (ur most preferred nick) would you mind giving me url so that i could include u im mah list? keep on bloggin'!

kathy said...
thnx, sir. linked ya up already.

Anonymous said...

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