Friday, May 05, 2006

Got nothing to say but,

I watched The Wild last week, and here's my very short review about it.

Since, I have just created this blog and since I find myself having nothing to write about, I'll just have to repost this entry I made in my denzramblings blog - a blog that is going inside the trash because of this new blogsite.

Here it is:

I wonder when will incidents like this stop.

If Arroyo does resign, will the country be better off? And who will replace her? Will the replacement be good enough in order for the people to put this oust-the-President attitude to a halt? Or he/she will again, sooner or later, face the same amount of anger and hatred, peeps regularly reserve for Presidents?

I don't know. I am confused. It seems to me that ousting the President, if that is ever realized, still generates the same kind of uncertainty and confusion that we are now in as of the moment.

I am amazed by the sheer determination and courage of those who march in the streets. It is not an easy thing to stay under the heat of the sun for long hours with all those heavy hearts and banners/plackards with you all day long. You end up getting hoarse at the end of the day, plus the fact that you don't get the results you desire actually. It is really not easy.

Labor day is another day of marching in the streets, shouting for alleviation from poverty and fighting for civil rights. Later when I open the TV for some news, the same kind of scenario will be showcased.

I guess I better get used to this kind of thing already. There is no indication that this is going to stop sooner. Even Gloria's ouster doesn't give that assurance.

Till next blog entry c",)