Monday, May 08, 2006

Everything went black

Contrary to what I heard from my co-workers who watched Mission Impossible 3, I found MI3 a very good movie. Here's my short review about it.

Anyway, our work was temporarily disrupted by a sudden blackout. It took almost an hour before the lights came back. That was pretty annoying..grrr. The thing is, the power shut off just when I am about to click Submit after finishing off an article in one of my blogs. The Submit button suddenly disappeared when the screen turned black, while the lights went off. My work was not saved as expected, and I had to redo everything. What the ****!

Some days are just not as good as you want them to be.

Till next rant.


ric said...

That really sucks. That's why I save ever so often when I make entries in my blog.

Denzity said...

Yeah, but a blackout was totally unexpected. I guess I have to include that one in my "things-to-expect" list as I go through my daily tasks on the web.

kathy said...

oh, believe me..i know the feeling! i was TOTALLY psd off. never rewrote the entry, though. and if i were in your case, id be psd off twice as much coz you just 'have' to rewrite it. tsk tsk!